$1450 Donation to a local foodbank

For our first charity campaign ever, we’ve donated to a local organization, the foodbank.

Foodbank Velsen is a small organization, but they have an high impact for the community. 

For over 16 years they have been handing out food packages to people who can’t feed their own families because of financial problems. Each package contains groceries to feed a family for over 3 days.

The foodbank runs on volunteers and donations, so without these donations and hard working people they wouldn’t be able to hand out supplies and help these families. We at SIONIX wanted to contribute and put some of our own time and charity to work. 

One of the goals at SIONIX is to connect. With this in mind we contacted a couple of local businesses willing to help and to raise the donation amount. We can proudly say that SIONIX with the help of our local community raised a whooping $1450.

On Thursday October 21th 2021 our team went to a local supermarket to shop for groceries. By the end of the day we end up donating over 100+ kilo’s of vegetables and fruits, hundreds of cartons of milk and yoghurt! And as a surprise to the families we include fresh strawberries and candy for the kids which they hardly never get. 

Overall it was a great success and we are glad  able to help this organization as our first charity campaign. Of course this is just the beginning of the charity of SIONIX. We want to help as many people as possible all over the world. SIONIX is all about charity and helping people who are in need.

And finally a huge shoutout to all the companies that helped with our first campaign. And of course to all the Sionauts who are involved in this beautiful project, this would not be possible without you.

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